Why do I have a website as a background?

I have a web page showing on my desktop with scroll bars on the side. It seems to be part of the desktop and is not in a browser window. How do I remove it?

Designed for Windows XP computer hardware logo
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This is caused by a part of Windows XP that lets you display a web page on your desktop. Web pages are designed to be viewed in a browser though and I’m pretty sure most web designers never test their pages in this way. It does give you extra functionality that an image can’t offer; however you need to know how to remove it. Taking it away is actually quite simple; clicking on the page itself will show a border around it, and click on the X in the top-right corner will get rid of the page. Pretty simple huh? I wish it was that easy to get some allergy relief, but well, thank goodness for anti-histamines 😉

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