Where do my crash reports go?

I use Firefox extensively, but recently it has been crashing. A “Crash screen” gives the opportunity to send a report to Mozilla, but I’ve never had a response. Is it worth sending the report in?

It is rare to receive a direct report from an error submission report. There is a trend recently, to try and suggest ways the issue can be rectified, but not many packages do this (Windows being a notable exception). You may get an automated response back, which can help you resolve your issue; so it’s worth sending in your report.

Your report actually does go back to the developers; whether it’s Microsoft or an Orange County computer support firm, though it is usually aggregated with the reports from other users. computers are complicated things, and the more clues developers get to fix problems, the easier it gets for them. It does help the company diagnose and repair the problem. You may not get an immediate response from the company; but your problem may be fixed in the next release.

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