How can I make my iPhone 4 battery last longer?

I’m the proud owner of an iPhone 4, but as I spend a long time outdoors I used to always carry a spare battery with me. The iPhone’s battery is not replaceable, so I can’t do this. Is there an other option I could use instead of a spare battery??

The good news is that the battery life on the iPhone 4 is reputed to be nothing short of awesome. Obviously, I don’t know how this relates to your personal circumstances and usage patterns; but it’s worth finding out first if you really need to supplement your normal battery time.

If you do find you do, as you say, the battery isn’t replaceable, but here’s an option for you. The iPhone 4 Power Station is a backup battery with power indicator that lets you supplement the built in battery with an external power source. It’s a rechargable battery that can be charged up with your standard iPhone cable; and when your phone battery is low, you can plug in the external battery and give your phone a boost. It’s currently on sale from for under $10 and can get you out of a fix if you need it.

The unit can also be used with an iPod as they have similar connectors. In fact, you can charge it up and carry it around and use it to boost any device that’s running low. The indicators will show you how much power is left. All in all, a great little device.

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