How do I browse images in Word documents?

Is there a way I can quickly scan images in a Word document?

If large Word documents contain more than text with a couple of headings, there is a way of browsing through the document by different kinds of content, such as pictures. This is great if you want to quickly check all the pictures in a document.

The key to this feature is the small circle icon at the bottom of the scroll bar on the right. Left-click on this once to see a list of objects to browse by. This menu can also be shown by pressing the Alt, Ctrl and Home keys together.

Click on an icon to browse by that object. A short description appears as the cursor moves over the icons. The normal setting is to browse by Page. Now, for example, click on the double arrows above and below this icon to move through the document to see the images.

So if you have a document about health care job postings which also has pictures of adverts for each of the positions, you can quickly scroll through them one by one looking for the one you’re after.

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