How can I edit photos on my smartphone?

I sometimes take photos with my phone and would like to edit them before I send them to someone. Is there a good tool to do this?

There are a couple of good packages out there; some are specific to a type of phone and some are available on most phones. If you have an iPhone, iPad or Android phone, the one I would recommend is called Adobe Photoshop Express. And you don’t even need to wait for Cyber Monday to get a good deal on it, it’s actually free!

Using the editing tools which the application has to offer, you can perform quite a number of editing tasks. For instance if your hand shook while shooting a photograph, you can quickly straighten it up using the editing tools of the Photoshop application. Other editing features include cropping, rotating, and flipping photographs. Borders and photo frames can also be added.

You also apply a number of special effects you can apply to the pictures you open with the application. For example, with the feature named Soft Focus, you can give our pictures an extra glow. You can use the Sketch effect to give our images a more artistic touch. You can aeven change the colours of your pictures.

Check it out if you get the chance.

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