How do I recover deleted photos on my SD card?

My son just came back from a class outing and accidentally deleted all the photos on his camera. Is there a way I can recover them?

This actually happened to us yesterday and the question actually came from my wife. I seemed to recall answering this question some time back, but though it might be time to take a fresh look at what was available. If no new photos are written to the card, it’s usually possible to recover lost photos, as deleting the photo simply removes the entry for the file in the File Allocation Table, but doesn’t actually erase any part of the file.

Anyway, I came across Pandora File Recovery, a great tool that saves your files! On startup, it fires up a wizard which walks you through the recovery process:

I’m please to say we managed to successfully recover the files and Arthur is now as happy as Larry! The photos were of his trip to the Wildlife park, so it’s all about his trip and the animals he saw, no photos of his old dad with his bald patch covered in age spots .. well .. almost 😉

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