How do I print out the Favourites in my browser?

I have a long list of Favourites in IE which I have been curating for years. I’d like to print them out as a backup, how do I do this?

Hi there. Backups are always good, but you may want to export them in a digital format so you can re-import them more easily but hey, if you want to print them out, here’s how to do it.

Click on the Favourites icon at the top left of the screen, below the toolbar. Now click on the down-pointing arrow next to “Add to Favourites”. Click on the Import and Export and choose “Export to file”. On the dialogue box, tick the Favourites box and click Next. Now click Next again (without selecting and individual folder, so keeping Favourites selected at the top).

The default save location for the exported file is your default Documents folder, but this can be changed by clicking Browse. Click Export, find the file (called bookmarks.htm) and double-click to open it. It will open in the default web browser, from where it can be printed by clicking on the printer icon.

That’s the way to print off your bookmarks, starting from aardvark videos, through crown metal buildings all the way to zilog data sheets.

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