How can I automatically back up my files?

I keep backups of all my working files on a separate hard disk. To do this, after saving a file on the original disk, I select Save As and from the relevant program’s File menu and manually navigate to backup drive.

This is something of a chore. Is it possible somehow to link the original and backup files so that both files are saved simultaneously from a single save action?

A simple option would be to use automated backup software to copy your working files to the second drive periodically.

There are a few options around, but I personally use Windows Live Mesh which lets you select a folder and replicate it on another machine. As Live Mesh is automated, you can essentially set it up and forget about it. And as it works very quickly, it can be set up to back up a documents folder without the user even noticing. It doesn’t matter if you have designs for funny t shirts or large videos of the kids.

It’s free to try, so you’ve nothing to lose.

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