How can I make Captchas easier to guess?

I’m having problems filling in CAPTCHAs on forms. Is there anything you can recommend to make it easier?

The scrambled letters used in Captcha security boxes are sometimes rather difficult to read. You can however make them bigger which makes them easier to decipher without having to cycle through images until you find one you can understand.

In Internet Explorer, hold down the Ctrl key and press +. It doesn’t matter if you use the one on the numerical keyboard or the one next to the backspace key. Every time you press this combination, the web page will get bigger.

To restore the webpage to its normal size, you can either press Ctrl and – as many times as you pressed Ctrl and + or press Ctrl and 0 (not on the numerical keypad) to reset to the normal view.

You can also change the zoom level through the Internet Explorer window. Click on the gear in the top right-hand corner of the window, Zoom and then select a zoom level. So next time you’re filling in that form for your flower delivery, you can get the CAPTCHA right!

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