How can I plan my Budapest holiday?

I’m planning on going on holiday to Budapest and was planning on researching what I could do there online. Any websites or places you suggest?

An interesting question, and one that can open up a whole bunch of answers. You see, the Internet is full of information just like this, though the issue is sometimes managing to separate the wheat from the chaff. So let’s have a quick mosey and see what we find out about things to do in Budapest and what websites I can point you at:

  • Budapest Travel & Tourism: This seems to be the Daddy of all websites related to Budapest. There’s a city guide, a complete list of places to go to and things to do and a whole bunch of other things including Budapest Hotels and a nightlife guide.
  • Tripadvisor Travel Guides: Another great place to learn more about Budapest is Tripadvisor. It has a collection of guides written by people who have been there, either on holiday or for some other reason. I tend to prefer these reviews because, although they’re not professionally written, will tend to be more genuine.
  • Lonely Planet: Another great place to pick up tips on Budapest is Lonely Planet. Lonely Planet is one of the more respected travel guides which is mostly aimed at backpackers and low-budget travelers. The great thing about it is that it tends to pick out some real gems sometimes.

Those are just three different resource I picked out. There’s quite a few more if you have a hunt around, but there’s enough material there to keep you busy for some time!

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