How can I make my WordPress blog more readable on a PDA?

I’ve tried looking at my blog on my PDA and the result is one jumbled up mess. Is there any way I can make it more readable?

Most PDAs come bundled with a mobile browser so that their owners can use them to browse the web. I was lying in bed the other night playing with my XDA and decided to have a look at what my blog looked like. On a normal browser this is what I see:


There are lots of graphics, lots of things happening on the screen, which when my PDA tries to render them end up like this:


The problem here is the my PDA’s version of Internet Explorer is not up to the task of interpreting everything that’s on the page. Not only that, my PDA has a much smaller screen than my PC, so even if my PDA did a good job, I would still need to scroll around quite a bit to make anything out.

So I asked myself: How can I fix this? It I were out on the road in Stonebridge Village, looking for a place to stay, and I remember I had blogged about Branson rentals, wouldn’t it be nice if I could just access my blog easily? Luckily there’s already a plugin around that can help out here. There’s a WordPress PDA Plugin that keeps any eye on the device that’s reading the page. If it turns out to be a PDA it sends an alternative stylesheet that tears out all the graphics and renders a clean, textual representation of the page. After installing the plugin, my blog looks like this on my PDA:


As you can see, it’s extremely readable and I have direct access to the content. Installing the plugin is a doddle as there’s no configuration needed. Just upload and activate the plugin and you’re set to go!


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