How do I automatically save a Word document in an older format?

I’m using Word 2007 and need to save in Word 2003 format. I have to stay changing my settings every time I save. Is there any way I can do this automatically?

This question was asked by a friend of mine on a message board I frequent. She was writing a book on weight loss, but her editor had an older version of Office and she had to stay specifying what file type she wanted to save in every time she sent him a new document.

It turns out that switching the default save format in Word is quite simple. First of all, you need to open Word, and proceed to your Save As dialog box, as you would do if you just wanted to save one file in a different format. At the bottom of the dialog you’ll see  a dropdown labelled Tools. Click in on it will show the following menu:


If you click Save Options you’ll see the the Save Options dialog box. The first option is a dropdown with the caption “Save Files In This Format”. Clicking the dropdown will show a list of all the formats Word supports.


Simply select the one you want and save your options.

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