How do I stop my Twitter account spamming Facebook?

I’ve started using the Twitter application on Facebook so that my Tweets make their way onto my Facebook stream. My friends are complaining that I’m getting to noisy though; is there any way I can choose which Tweets appear on Facebook?

The Twitter application for Facebook is a great way to link your Twitter account and Facebook account together. It takes your tweets and automatically posts them to your Twitter stream. It also has some intelligence built in. If your updates are protected; then only your friends will get them, which is great if you’re protective about your status.

The problem with the Twitter Application is that all your tweets make their way to your Facebook stream; and if you’re a prolific Tweeter, this could prove to be very annoying to your friends. When this happens they can downgrade you so that your tweets aren’t obvious to them; but you really don’t want this to happen. Also, you might want to Tweet about something that’s only relevant to a particular audience, say some intimate comment about the side effects of that diet pill you’re taking. So what can you do?

The answer lies in a different application called Selective Twitter Status. Once you activate this application it monitors your Tweets and only posts the ones that contain a special string to Facebook. It specifically looks for #fb which is a signal that you want that particular tweet to make its way to Facebook. This means you can choose which tweets are Facebooked and which aren’t.

There are two things you need to keep in mind. First of all, this plugin won’t work if your updates are protected as it follows your public steam to select its tweets. The other thing is that once its activated; you need to remember to turn off the Twitter Application, otherwise you’ll still get all your tweets on Facebook.

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