How do I stop Bing from localising my search results?

I’ve been playing with Microsoft’s new search engine: Bing and noticed that my results are very much based in the UK. I’m interested in seeing how my friends in the US would see the results of their searches. Is there any way I can change this?

Bing is an interesting effort from Microsoft’s part and could really be a contender to Google when it comes to search. Localisation is one of the interesting things it brings to play, although Google has been doing this too (albeit slightly more subtly). Anyway, back to the question, you can easily change your localisation options. If you look in the top right hand corner you’ll see what country it’s picked up for you. Here’s what I have:


If you click on the country (United Kingdom in my case) you’ll be shown a selection of countries to pick from:


Once you pick your country, your search results will reflect results pertaining to the country you have selected. So if you search for “fast weight loss” and your regional settings specify the US, then you won’t be getting any results coming from the UK any more.

I hope that this is what you’re after.

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