How do I rotate photos?

I occasionally take portrait-styled photos with my camera rather than the landscape. When I copy them onto my Windows Vista computer they’re on their side. How do I turn them around?

Sometimes cameras detect when they are taking portrait images and automatically rotate the resulting image so it appears the right way up in Windows. But don’t worry if your camera doesn’t do this for you. The last thing you want is to have photos of your Gatlinburg vacations and have to turn your head sideways to view them.You can rotate your images in most photo editing programs, for example, I like using Paint.Net.

The other option is to do it right from within Vista. If you open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to your photo, you can right-click on the image and show the menu of different options you have for the file. You’ll notice that you have Rotate Clockwise or Rotate Counter-clockwise as twho options on the menu. Clicking on these will rotate the photo for you.

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