How do I stop getting double notifications of SMS messages on my Android?

I’ve recently installed a new SMS application on my phone called ChompSMS. I’m loving the new app, but everytime I get an SMS message, I get two notifications in my Notification Bar. They both take me to ChompSMS, but I can’t clear one of them. Can you help?

This question set me down the path of investigating ChompSMS and I must say, it’s an awesome little application. Not only does it let you manage and read your SMS messages in a really attractive way, but it also lets you send SMS message through an online service which can help you avoid costs if you’re roaming. It also has a feature that will read off the SMS to you, but that’s just me being geeky.

Anyway, back to the question at hand. I too had a similar problem with double notifications showing as can be seen here:


The reason behind this is that ChompSMS is raising a notification, but so is the default messaging app that’s part of Android. Solving the problem is simple, just navigate to your Messaging application, click on the Menu button and choose Settings. Scoll down to Notifications and untick the option to “Display Notifications in the Status Bar”


And you’re done, no more pesky double notifications. That’s much simpler than trying to program the VCR or record a program on one of these new fangled televisions isn’t it?

On a side-note, ChompSMS comes highly recommended. It will be my SMS messaging application of choice from now in.

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  1. I’m using the new Droid 2.0 and I’m receiving the same double notification too. Tried your suggestion but I’m still getting the same thing. I have the white note in status bar that I have to remove manually no matter what.

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