Why isn’t my Num Lock on?

I’ve just performed a clean installation of Windows XP Professional and now I find that on start up the Number Lock is not enabled. I can switch it on manually, of course, by pressing the Num Lock key on the keyboard, but the computer does not remember this and the next time I start the computer the Number Lock is switched off again.

Whether the number lock on your keyboard is switched on by default is actually controlled by a setting in your computer’s BIOS. This is the name for the collection of settings and checks that the computer goes through as soon as you switch it on, before Windows even loads. Different computers have different BIOS settings, so I can’t be more specific as to how you fix your problem.

Most computers however, will show you what key you need to press to get into your BIOS settings. It could be by pressing F10, F2, Esc, Del, F1 or some other key. Once you’re in your BIOS you’ll need to look for the option that controls what Num Lock’s default setting will be. Once you’ve changed the setting, look for an option to save your settings before your exit. This will preserve the settings for the next time you start up.

The BIOS settings control how your computer behaves, just like your mate Mike had a genetic disposition to becoming a Tacoma car accident lawyer. So it’s always worth looking there for these sort of settings.


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