How can I improve the graphical capabilities of my PC?

I’ve just started playing World of Warcraft and I’m really digging it. The only problem I have is that it seems really slow on my machine, even though my computer has a fast processor and lots of RAM. It runs better if I turn the down the graphic rates, but I’d love to see it in it’s full glory. Any suggestions?

As you’ve probably figured out by now, your computer should be powerful enough to be able to handle most things you can throw at it. However, some games are bit more graphically intensive than others and the way to help them out is to get some dedicated graphic hardware. A lot of computers come with on-board graphic adapters which are not always optimised for the sort of high performance that is needed by some games. You can pick up a decent graphical card without breaking the bank.

One such card is the GeForce GT 220 Graphics Card. It’s got an nVIDIA chipset which is one of the best around and boasts a dedicated graphics processor and 1Gb of RAM just for processing graphics. It will make a great difference to your graphical processing power and is on sale from for under $60.

The one thing for sure is that you’ll see a great difference in the graphical abilities of your computer, and World of Warcraft will look like it’s never looked before.

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