How can I take a backup of all the information I have in Facebook?

I’ve been using Facebook for absolutely ages, it’s got photos from uni, posts from all sorts of event and is really a mirror of my life. Now, I know that all this is out in the “cloud” somewhere, but I would love to keep a copy of it in case Facebook eve shut down. Is there any way I can suck it out?

Interestingly, if you asked me this question a year ago, the answer would have been pretty convoluted. Facebook had pretty much a reputation of being a closed garden without allowing access to your data. However, a lot changes in a year; their policies on privacy have changed, as well as their control over their users’ data.

So, what can you do today? You can get your data out without paying any cash or looking for cash advances in this region. Well, if you click on Account in the top right-hand corner and choose Account Settings. At the bottom of the screen there’s an option that lets you Download a copy of your Facebook data. Clicking on this link will show you the following screen which outlines exactly what data will be extracted:

Just go ahead, download your data and check it out.

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