How can I found out who called me?

I have a couple of missed numbers on my phone and they don’t seem to belong to any of my contacts. How can I find out who made those calls?

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Okay, this isn’t strictly a tech support question, but the solution does make use of the Internet, so I thought this blog was a good place to do it. So, back to the question, the number’s that you’re seeing are available to you thanks to a process called Caller ID (sometimes called CLI – Calling Line Identification), which tells your phone where the call is originating from. It’s a great way to help make your call more efficient and also for you to know who made those calls you missed.

Sometimes though, you may want to know who made the call before calling back and for this you can use a website called “Who’s Number Is That?“. It’s a pretty straight forward system that lets you type in a number and gives you details about the caller using a process called Reverse Call Lookup.

It’s not free, but then if you’re really curious as to who called you, then it’s always good to have an option. Alternatively you can call them right back and it won’t cost you a cent.

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  1. That’s a really interesting service. Although I’ve never had a problem with just checking the caller ID though. But then again I don’t get calls from anyone but friends and family. Great idea though!

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