How can I install Windows XP on a Vista machine?

I’ve purchased a brand new Windows Vista machine but I want to install Windows XP on it as well. I’ve heard that to dual-boot Windows XP needs to be installed first – is this true?

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Unfortunately once you have Vista installed on your machine you cannot install Windows XP and easily set it up to dual boot. If you have Windows XP installed first, it’s relatively easy to install Vista as a dual-boot partition, but if you try to install Windows XP now, it will overwrite your Vista installation.

One option you might want to consider is running Windows XP in a virtual partition. You can download software like Microsoft Virtual PC to set up a virtual machine which can run Windows XP for you in a window.

Hope this helps.

4 thoughts on “How can I install Windows XP on a Vista machine?”

  1. Your tips is working in mine, great job! I other problem regarding Sata driver in Vista, should you have solution please post here. I love to write any IT topic and gadget just like you

  2. You can also just throw you Win XP disc into the cd drive and boot from that (check your bios to make sure that the cd drive is bootable before the hard drive). Then just reformat and install the Win XP on the main partition. Then you have Win XP.

    Note: This will erase everything you have on your pc.

    Albeit once you have XP installed you can follow the above directions and have a dual boot if you like.

    Just my two cents.

  3. am trying to boot from a xp service pack2 but its giving me blue screen after copying files. how do i remove vista. i need to install windows xp.

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