How do I backup my Outlook Express address book?

I have managed to back up my emails in Outlook Express by finding the folder they are kept in, but what about the Address Book? I can’t find anything like that in the folder.

The Windows Address Book is kept in a slightly different place to the email files and here’s how you can find it. Start Outlook Express, click on the Tools menu and then on the Address Book. The Address Book window will now appear. Click on the Help menu and then on About Address Book. The file box shows the location and name of the Address Book file. You can then find this location on your computer and take a backup from there.

It’s worth keeping in mind that you should really try to clean up your Address Book before you take a backup and this can make your backup file smaller and therefore easier to manage. So, if you have email address of contacts you know you’ll never speak to again (like the mate who ran off with your girlfriend), or ones you know you’ll never use again (like the guy who promised you the best fat burners on the planet)

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