How can I get the cheapest price for a book?

A friend of mine showed me an application for his phone that lets you look up prices online while in a shop. Can you point me at it?

This is one of the applications I love showing off on my HTC Magic. It’s called ShopSavvy and has made a pretty great splash, as it’s an excellent use of the device and it’s internet connectivity. Here’s how it works.

shopsavvyYou start up the application and point it at the barcode of the product you’re interested in. The barcode scanner on the phone picks up the barcode and looks it up online to figure out what it is. Once it has the code, it matches it up against a product database and shows you prices of the product from a number of different locations.

But that’s not the end of the story. The application also looks up the price in any retails stores in your proximity to show you what shops you can just walk into and pick up the item. It means you always get the cheapest price for whatever you’re looking for. Great huh?

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