How can I protect my laptop?

I travel around the country a lot and carry my laptop around wherever I go. My previous one ended up all scratched and dented, how can I prevent this from happening to my new one?

I guess from your question that you already have your new laptop, otherwise it’s worth considering a ruggedised one (although they don’t look very pretty, so it really depends what line of work you’re in). Anyway, as you have a new laptop already, what I would suggest is a proper case for your computer. I came across an interesting one that you leave your computer in ever as you use it.

It’s the Themapak HeatShift 15.4″ Laptop Cooling Bag and it’s a laptop bag that’s designed to hold your laptop. The great thing about it is that it protects your laptop from bumps and scrapes, but when you want to use it you can just open the lid and use it inside the bag. It has a special layer at the bottom that takes heat away from the laptop and is on sale from for just under $25.00. It’s a pretty good idea I thought, especially the fact that you don’t need to mess around with taking the laptop in and out of the case.

By the way, they also have a model that takes a 17″ laptop, if that’s the size of laptop you have.

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