How do I block Autorun on my computer?

I would like to stop the constant popup-up windows that appear when I plug in a USB memory stick or insert a CD into my computer with Windows XP. I would either like to set a default action or disable the messages altogether. How can I do this?

Although these messages can be helpful, they often get cluttered with suggestions for other software. There should be an option to “Take no action” at the bottom and a check box to remember this option.

The easiest way to disable the messages with Windows XP is to use TweakUI. Install it, start it up and click on the small plus next to My Computer and then Autoplay on the left. Click on the Types option beneath Autoplay and click in both boxes in the main part of the window to disable Autoplay for both removable drives and CD and DVD drives.

It’s a cute little trick, so you may want to wrap is up and stick it under on of those artificial christmas trees for someone to open up 😉

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