Where can I get a spare remote?

We have a set of different remotes in our living room, one for the TV, DVD player, satellite decoder, surround sound and video player. We always keep losing the one for the TV. Is there anywhere I can get a spare remote from?

Well, normally I would recommend going to eBay or somewhere similar, but I have a better idea for you. What about getting a combined remote control that can replace all the different remotes you have. It’s much easier to take care of one remote, rather than a whole bunch.

Take, for example, the Emerson 8-Device Universal Jumbo Remote. It’s a single remote control that can replace up to 8 different remotes. It’s compatible with a large number of different devices and it’s huge, so it’s quite hard to lose. Programming it is relatively easy, thanks to a code search feature and it’s currently on sale from Buy.com for $6.99 (with free shipping).

I’m not sure how that fits into your needs, but it feels like a great fit. I might even consider getting one of these for my house, we always seem to be losing our remotes too. Makes you wonder where remotes go off to when they’re hiding. Do they have a secret remote party we’re not supposed to know about …

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