Where can I find a big disk to backup onto?

I’m doing a lot of work with some video editing software and I’m looking for a disk to backup my files onto. Where can I find a sizeable disk without spending too much money?

There are a number of options for taking backups of your work, ranging from online options, all the way to network attached storage on your own network. All the options have different capabilities and different prices. I don’t think an online option would be ideal in this case though. Your files are bound to be too big to take advantage of online storage.

A good idea would be to get yourself a large internal disk that you can store all your files on. I just found one on sale at Buy.com that just might fit the bill for you. It’s the Hitachi SimpleTech Desktar Hard Drive and you get 2 Terabytes of space for under $170. It’s pretty astounding how cheap storage space is getting nowadays and getting this sort of disk you can take advantage of all that space right at your fingertips. It’s a 3.5″ drive, so you’ll need a caddy if you don’t have the right slot available in your machine. So make sure you check what’s available. The disk has free shipping, so might as well avail yourself of the offer.

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