Where can I find a fast label printer?

I’m working with a company who is planning to mailshot a large number of clients. We’re looking for a label printer as we need to print some custom labels. We do have a few thousand customers, so we were looking for a heavy duty printer. Can you recommend anything?

The great thing about hardware today is that it’s relatively each to find pretty much anything you may be looking for. Label printers used to be a bit of a novelty, at least in the home market, and commercial printers used to be pretty expensive. Today you can find a mid range one that can do pretty much what you’re asking without breaking the bank.

One such model is the Brother QL-570 Thermal Label Printer. It’s a professional printer can can print up to 50 labels per minute, onto labels up to 2.4 inches in width. It can print up to 300×600 dpi, which means it can handle logos, fonts and even pictures without blinking an eye. It comes complete with software that lets you design your own labels and put whatever you want on them.

The label printer is currently on sale from Buy.com and retails for under $35. I don’t know how long that price is on for; so if you’re after one, go ahead and bag it today.

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