What’s a good mouse to use with my laptop?

I travel a lot and wherever I go I seem to be rolling up my mouse cable and unravelling it at the other end. It’s getting really annoying, is there a good mouse you recommend that’s good for travelling?

I remember the days of messing around with cables and trying to untangle mouse, webcam, power supply and whatever I had in my bag at the time. Things have got better since I’ve learnt to use my trackpad, but I do know that a number of people will always prefer a real mouse to sliding their finger around the keyboard.

So, what do I suggest in your case. Well, have a look at the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000. Here are the reasons I recommend it. First of all, it’s an optical mouse; there are no moving parts so it’s less likely to breakdown and will work on most surfaces. It’s also wireless; which means that there are no wires for you to tangle up and have to untangle. And it has the nice touch that the wireless received fits right into the base of the mouse; which reduce the chance of your losing it. It’s currently on sale from Buy.com for around $17 which is quite a bargain. Go check it out.

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