How do I check out a user’s Twitter profile on Tweetdeck?

How do you search for specific Twitter users on Tweetdeck? At the moment I have to go to to do it

A friend of mine asked this question on Twitter this morning and I thought I’d post the answer here in case anyone else had the same query. Like all things, if you know the answer it’s really easy, but if you don’t it can be quite a headache, and I’m sure her switching out to use the Twitter website can’t have been all that convenient.

Anyway, Tweetdeck has a special button called “Quick Profile” at the top of the application that lets you do this really easily. You can see it here:

Clicking on this button will fire up a dialog box that asks you for a user name, a URL or a listname. Once you type it in, it pulls back all the information you need.


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