How do I delete my location information on Twitter?

I’ve just noticed that my Twitter account is set to automatically record the location from where I post my Tweets. I’m starting to get a bit paranoid about doing this. Can I wipe the location of all my previous tweets?

Location-based services are the latest and greatest when it comes to features on social media networks and Twitter is no exception. The did some thinking about this when they implemented it though, so you do have the choice to turn off the facility should you choose to. Here’s what you do.

Log into your Twitter account and click “Settings” and on the first page you’ll see a section called “Tweet Location”, shown below:

Untick the option that says “Add a location to my Tweets” and save your settings. Then, if you look slightly lower you’ll see an option to erase the location off your Tweets. Click OK on the confirmation and let the website do its work.

Now noone will know where you are on a Saturday night or where you spent Black Friday.

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