How can I protect a Word document?

How can I prevent people fro editing a document I created in Word 2007?

Click on the Review tab in the Ribbon once you have finished your document. Click on the Protect Document icon that looks like a piece of paper with a padlock in the bottom right-hand corner. A Task Pane will appear on the right-hand side of the document with three steps.

The first step restricts the formatting of the document. That won’t stop people editing it, but it’s a useful way to keep control over how it looks. So for example, if you have a document describing how does nutrisystem work, you may want other people on your team to edit it, but not change the formatting.

It’s the second option that interests us. Click in the check box and then select the desired level of control. This can prevent any editing, let people add comments and fill in forms, or make sure that Word records any editing using the Track Changes feature. Finally, click on the Yes, Start Enforcing Protection button when you’re happy with the settings.

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