How do I convert my bookmarks from IE to Firefox?

I installed FireFox some time ago, but during installation, I chose not to import my IE Bookmarks as I was intending to keep using IE. I’ve decided to switch to FireFox as my main browser, but I can’t find out how to convert my bookmarks. Any ideas?

Hi there. My initial thought was that you could uninstall FireFox and reinstall it again, but there’s a better way.

There’s a little bit of free software you can download called Transmute that will let you convert your bookmarks from one browser to another. There are a couple of other versions of Transmute that let you manage and synchronise your bookmarks, but for what you’re describing, the free version will be adequate. Transmute will convert any bookmark you have, whether it’s for a website listing diet pills that really work or listing ways to know you’re growing old. Try it out!

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