What can I do with all my old computers?

I have a collection of old machines that I used to be quite proud of, including an Amiga, a Commodore C64, a Vic20, even an old ZX81. I’m not really doing anything with them now and space in my London flat is getting tight; should I throw them out or will they be valuable one day?

Old computers

It’s a sign you’re getting older when the treasures of your youth become the antiques of today. I would hang on to them if you could, but whether they will be of any value depends on their condition. As with all things, value comes with scarcity, so while there are still a few of them knocking around they’re not going to be worth much. However, over time they will become more and more rare, and that’s when the value increases.

If you decide to hang on to them, have you considered putting them in storage? You can always find storage London or wherever you live. And the prices aren’t out of this world either. For example, storage lockers start from £3.50 a week at Henfield lockers (one of the storage specialists in London), which isn’t a huge price to pay when you consider that one day they will acquire.

Think about it ..

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