How do I stop Firefox from resizing my browser window?

One of the websites my wife likes visiting insists on maximising the browser window so that it upsets everyone’s settings. Is there any way I can stop the site doing this?

I’ve had a closer look at the site you mentioned and it’s not just maximising the window. The site actually resizes your window to take up the complete desktop, but it’s not quite maximised, so you can’t even click on Restore to take it back to it’s original size. I hate it when sites do this, regardless of whether they’re blogs, hyperlocal sites or ecommerce sites for prom dresses.

Here’s what you can do. Click on the Tools menu and then on Options. Click on the Content tab and then Advanced. You’ll see a dialog box like this:

Click on the option to ‘Move or resize existing windows” so that the tick disappears and click on the OK button twice. Voila, the website won’t be able to mess around with your windows now.

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