How can I turn off my Caps Lock key?

I’m using a borrowed keyboard and keep inadvertently hitting the CAPS LOCK key and typing half my sentences in capital letters. Is there any way I can turn it off?

It can be annoying when the Caps Lock key is hit by accident when typing. However, instead of disabling Caps Lock altogether, one option is to activate the sound function for this key so that it plays a beep when pressed.

Click on the Start button and then Control Panel. Double-click on Accessibility Options. Select the option ‘Use Togglekeys’ and click on Apply. Test whether this is now working by pressing the Caps Lock key.

The sound is played from the computer’s built-in speaker rather than sound card, so it will still play if the speakers are off or the sound muted. Just don’t rest on that key or you could end up with a Franklin migraine! Let me know how that works for you.

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