How do I add iTunes to the Autoplay options ofr my USB drive?

How can I add iTunes as one of the Autoplay menu options for my USB key in Windows XP? I have tried changing the options in the Properties window but there is no entry for iTunes.

Autoplay from a USB key is not very reliable in Windows XP but is is possible to set the function for when it does work. You will need to install the Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP in order to do this. You’ll be using a Powertoy called TweakUI.

Start TweakUI and double-click on My Computer and Autoplay. Click on Handlers and scroll down the list to the Show songs option. Click on it once and then on Edit. Select the Music files option and then click on OK in both windows.

Click on the Start menu and then My Computer. Right-click on the USB key icon and left-click on Properties. Click on the Autoplay tab. Select the option ‘Select an action to perform’, click on Show songs using iTunes and then click on OK in both windows.

Not that hard, see? It’s easier than trawling through credit cards for bad credit and trying to find one you can use. Now go and fix your Autoplay functionality.

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