Which NVIDIA drivers do I need?

I have a laptop that has an Nvidia graphics card, at least that’s what the sticker on the outside days. The laptop is manufactured by some Korean outfit and they don’t seem to have a website. I’m looking for the video drivers for the card, is there some where else I can download them from?

Why does my USB hub suddenly stop working?

I use a USB hub for my mouse, keyboard and scanner. If I plug in an external hard disk into it, all my devices stop working. Any idea why this may be happening?

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Where can I find a fast label printer?

I’m working with a company who is planning to mailshot a large number of clients. We’re looking for a label printer as we need to print some custom labels. We do have a few thousand customers, so we were looking for a heavy duty printer. Can you recommend anything?

How can I improve the graphical capabilities of my PC?

I’ve just started playing World of Warcraft and I’m really digging it. The only problem I have is that it seems really slow on my machine, even though my computer has a fast processor and lots of RAM. It runs better if I turn the down the graphic rates, but I’d love to see it… Continue reading How can I improve the graphical capabilities of my PC?