How do I change the flashing speed of my cursor?

When I am writing documents in Microsoft Word on my Windows computer, I find the blinking cursor distracting. I would prefer a solid line rather than one that flashes constantly. How can I change it?

It is possible to adjust the cursor’s blink rate through the Control Panel.

In Windows XP, click on the Start Menu, then on Control Panel. Click on Switch to Classic View if the option appears in the top left, then double-click on Keyboard. At the bottom where it says Cursor blink rate, move the slider all the way to the left, where it says None.

It’s even easier in Windows 7. Click the Start icon, then type keyboard into the search box at the bottom. In the list of results, click Keyboard, which will be listed under a header called Control Panel.

Then move the slider to the left where it says None, so the blinking stops. So, whether you like your cursor flashing like some Swarovski Crystal beads, or whether you prefer something solid, now you know how to change it.

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