What’s the IP address of my router?

I need to access the settings page on my router, but I need to point my browser at it. How do I find out the IP address for my router?

Providing you have a computer that is currently connected to the network, it can reveal the router’s IP address using a hidden Windows tool called the Command Prompt.

Click the Start button to open the main Windows menu and select Run (Vista and Windows 7 users can click the Start button, type ‘Run’ and press Enter).

In the dialogue box that appears type CMD and press Enter. A black window that displays white text will appear – type IPCONFIG and press Enter.

Command Prompt displays a list of information about the network – the part we are interested in is called the ‘default gateway’ and will look something like ‘ (the last two number vary from router to router).

You can use the address of the default gateway, which is what the computer calls your router, to access the settings page. Now that’s much easier than finding Polaris Accessories on the web, isn’t it?

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