Can I control a computer with my mind?

Ok, this started as a conversation in the pub, but is it possible to control a computer with your mind? That would be pretty cool, but is it just science fiction or is there any truth behind it?

Now that’s an interesting question and quite unlike the ones I’ve had on this site before. In truth, the brain does produce different types of brain waves and there are devices around that can capture, monitor and even react to them. And this Christmas we’ll even find them on the shelves in toy stores.

For example, take this one: Star Wars The Force Trainer. It’s a toy that uses brainwaves to control a ball that seems to levitate with the power of your mind. A Jedi Mind Trick you might ask? Well, maybe; but really it uses a sensor on a headpiece that can pick up your brainwaves to work your way through 15 different levels. Obviously it has all the voices of your favourite Star Wars characters and it’s currently on sale from

As you can imagine, if you can get this technology in a kid’s game, then finding an input device that can perform the same thing isn’t that hard. I’ve never used or come across one yet, but it’s really just a matter of time before they’re commonplace.

Cool future huh?

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