How do I control my presentation wirelessly?

I give a lot of PowerPoint presentation, but find that I always have to hand around my laptop so I can move from one slide to the next. I’ve recently started running around with a wireless mouse in my hand, but it just doesn’t feel right. Is there a better way to control my presentation?

How do I boost power on my USB ports?

I’m a great fan of USB devices as I can add extra functionality to my computer without opening it up. Recently however, when I plug in one of my 2.5″ disks, I get a message that says “USB Hub Power Exceeded”. How can I fix this?

How can I make my iPhone 4 battery last longer?

I’m the proud owner of an iPhone 4, but as I spend a long time outdoors I used to always carry a spare battery with me. The iPhone’s battery is not replaceable, so I can’t do this. Is there an other option I could use instead of a spare battery??